Super Mario Boat

Date: 2013-11-20
Windows 7, Vista, XP
No special requirements

Description - Super Mario Boat

Super Mario Boat is a funny, Little Mario themed game. It is hard to call it a platformer – there are no platforms to jump or, no levels to complete... and no Bowser to Beat, as well as no princesses in danger. The only thing that connects this game with Super Mario Bros is the character of the Famous plumber, Mario, and coins and mushrooms to catch. What is this game about? Mario goes fishing – but surprisingly, the only fish he encounters are naughty piranhas, ready to bite him, if he is not careful. However, there happen to be lots of golden coins... Mario decides to stay and do his best to catch as many, as he can! Impersonate our chubby Hero and do your best to get the highest score. Watch our for piranhas from below, skeleton birds and bomb balloons from above – and remember that the water pushes you to the west, where a giant monster waits to eat you! You have five lives – if you lose some of them, you can catch mushrooms for a refill. Download Super Mario Boat and prove that you are the best coin hunter out there!

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