ARES: Extinction Agenda

Date: 2013-11-02
Extend Studio
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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Description - ARES: Extinction Agenda

In the late 21st century, pollution has contaminated the EARTH. Once flourishing species have become extinct, natural waters stained black, and humanity faced catastrophe at a scale unheard of even in biblical tales. Renowned scientists from across the globe formed an organization, United Earth (UE), to pool their efforts toward saving the planet from destruction. Governments from around the world collectively contributed trillions to UE, funding its expensive and highly experimental research.After a myriad of failed projects, UE invested its resources in an innovative concept devised by Dr. Julia Carson, known as Deep Space Reprocessing (DSR). DSR required the creation of a highly advanced space station that could stockpile waste and over time convert it into organic materials through abiogenesis, a Process that would essentially recycle the planet and transform it into a more habitable state. After numerous prototypes, the first DSR station launched and was set to orbit the Earth in a satellite Cluster aptly named the Junk Sector.In years subsequent to the station’s launch, large portions of the Earth’s surface had successfully begun the rejuvenation process – water was no longer tinted black, grass began to grow, and animal population counts were on the rise. Estimates of the project’s development, as calculated by the Chairman of UE, projected that within two generations water would be clean enough to consume directly from springs and rivers, and the number of pollution related Deaths would decrease by nearly 75%. After years of facing eXtinction, humans finally had their first glimpse of a brighter future.

ARES: Extinction Agenda Games Extinction AgendaARES: Extinction Agenda Games Extinction AgendaARES: Extinction Agenda Games Extinction Agenda

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