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Version: 3.0
Date: 2014-01-08
Card & Board
Viaden Gaming
Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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Description - Online Poker Software

Viaden Media offers a Texas Holdem Poker platform and engine for building Online Poker business. Our online poker software starts a robust system for enabling gamblers play the popular game of poker online. cutting-edge Texas Holdem and Omaha poker platform that meets all the demands of the fast-paced online gaming market. Smart vs easy to use system was created with a client-centric approach basing on thorough industry research and analysis. Seamless poker software operation is ensured by smart architecture, thus guaranteeing high performance and bug-free functioning.Poker software flexibility allows easy integration as well as full customization of the Texas Holdem and Omaha poker platform. The ready online Poker Room will look and operate exactly the way you wanted. Our feature-rich Texas Holdem poker platform will help you gain maximum profit from your online poker business. Among the most advantageous features of our poker software it is important to highlight the following: Full system customization. We will Create a custom-tailored online poker room solution to meet all client’s requirements and business objectives.Limits set up. Our online poker room solution presupposes the opportunity of limits set up, i.e. No limit and Pot limit betting.Tournament play. Tournament play opportunity is supported by the offered software for online poker. Any player has an opportunity of participation in multitable Sit&Go tournaments.Real time chat. The online game is supplemented with table chat in order to enable poker players establish communication with each other in the Process of game flow.Simultaneous game support. Any player can participate in up to 4 games simultaneously.Real or virtual money bets choice. Any online poker player can choose whether he/she prefers playing for “play” (virtual) money or compete for real money waging.

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