Wildlife Park 3 (English)

Date: 2013-08-03

Bit Composers
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Wildlife Park 3 (English)

: Wildlife Park 3 is the latest title in this popular and successful simulation series where you become the manager of an animal park and Create your very own zoo. Select from a range of enclosures, park buildings and plants to build your dream park. Take care of your incredibly realistically animated animals and attend to their specific needs. If your charges feel well and contented, you and the visitors to your park will soon be hearing the patter of tiny paws and hooves! Manage a team of zoo keepers, vets, landscapers and cleaning and maintenance personnel, and monitor the park`s income and expenses closely. The thrilling campaign will take you on adventures all over the world! KEY FEATURES- The thrilling campaign will lead you around the globe on 20 missions: release animals back into the wild, save endangered species and help zoos all over the world- Realistic representation of the 25 different land- and water-based animals- Improved and expanded management component- Popular "free game" mode on over 20 selectable maps with extra mini-quests- Use the terraforming tool to create landscapes you have designed- An extensive and fun tutorial will explain the game functions to you- An animal shop enables you to trade animals in the game- Create unique animals and animal families using random coat colors, coat patterns, tails, manes, tusks, horns, etc.- Comprehensive lexicon with lots of interesting information on the animal and plant species- A wide range of customization options using countless decorative park elements, fences, enclosures and plants, and visitor facilities that you can upgrade

Wildlife Park 3 (English) Games Wildlife Park Campaign WillWildlife Park 3 (English) Games Wildlife Park Campaign WillWildlife Park 3 (English) Games Wildlife Park Campaign Will

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