Tech Ships : Waves of Victory

Date: 2013-08-30
Strategy Games
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Tech Ships : Waves of Victory

In the year of 2018 world WAR three broke out shattering the EARTH into pieces. Now on one of the surviving chunks of the earth the human race has begun to rebuild. But as they rebuild there were factions forming with a pure hatred for the other. Of these sides there is the last remaining government and official leaders that survived the breaking, they were called the Foundation. The other side was the scraping and crushed survivors that sort vengeance on the government for what they did to their world. But through all this there was something that has changed how was this chunk still surviving with noatmosphere. Then they realised something that didn’t exist before, there was a material that no one had ever seen, created by the nuclear Fallout. This crystal they called “ZEYONITE” and was the key to human Survival sustaining a glowing artificial atmosphere. The problem was it was slowly dying out So the factionstook to the sea to recover this mysterious material in order keep them alive, Little did they know that both factions had the same idea. So now in the carnage that is war these two sworn enemies will battle it out in an uncharted ocean just to survive.

Tech Ships : Waves of Victory Games Ships Waves Tech ShipsTech Ships : Waves of Victory Games Ships Waves Tech ShipsTech Ships : Waves of Victory Games Ships Waves Tech Ships

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