Wrestling Spirit

Date: 2013-12-23

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Wrestling Spirit

You take control of a professional wrestler and try to guide him through his career. This includes wrestling his matches, negotiating contracts, keeping personal finances, dealing with injuries, and surviving backstage politics.Match Features Realistic opponent AI. Wrestlers fight in a natural manner. Lightweights do come off the top rope at regular intervals. Technical workers will tie you up in knots on the mat, and try to squeeze you into submission. 500lb giants will simply batter you with strikes and slams. Varied move sets for workers. Each worker can have a huge amount of moves, spread over different categories: strikes, grapples, corner, ground, air, Rebound off the ropes, and rope moves (planchas and springboards). This gives wrestlers very unique offensive choices no matter where they are in the ring (or outside). Realistic simulation of physical condition. Working body parts has a very real affect on the match. Working a wrestler`s legs will not only soften him up for submissions, but will also make him unable to utilize any of his own moves that rely on leg strength. Realistic simulation of time. As the match progresses, wrestlers get tired, and they start to make more mistakes. The speed of their weakening is based on their stamina levels, meaning highly conditioned professionals will have major advantages over fat out-of-shape brawlers as the match goes on. Match statistics - At any point in the match you can view an amazing array of stats, from the percentage of time you`ve been on the attack, to how many of each type of move you`ve attempted, to the amount of counters you`ve done. You can also view a log of every move, counter, and action performed so far, so you can see where your weaknesses are. External factors can play a big part in matches. Ref Bumps? Chairs? Tables? Blood? Run ins? Pre-match attacks? All included.

Wrestling Spirit Games Realistic Simulation Wrestling SpiritWrestling Spirit Games Realistic Simulation Wrestling SpiritWrestling Spirit Games Realistic Simulation Wrestling Spirit

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