Baseball Mogul 2012 Patch

Version: 14.14
Date: 2013-06-30
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Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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Description - Baseball Mogul 2012 Patch

Version 14.14:1) Fixes error when saving as `text` to the same name as an existing folder.2) Duplicate players fixed in League Builder3) Players elected to Hall Of Fame within 5 years after start of `Modern` simulation.4) Game count fixed during playoffs (e.g. news stories would sometimes say "Red Sox Win Game 1368").5) New Sortable Stats search option: "All Non-Pitchers"6) The ability to save and load as "Text" has been added to the Save Game and Resume Game options. This lets you view a saved game database in human-readable form, and can be used as a basis for making 3rd-party database viewers and/or editors.7) In the League Editor, the "Erase Team" button now gives you two options:"Erase" the team completely, including all players."Disband" the team. This moves all players to Free Agency before destroying the team.8) Inside-the-park homer frequency reduced (and more strongly correlated to outfielder`s defensive skills).9) `Sign and release` bug fixed.10) "Contract Buyout" section added to League Settings. This includes two settings: "Human Teams" and "Computer Teams". Each setting lets you specify what percent of a player`s contract must be bought out when he is released. The default settings before this patch were 50% for human teams and 0% for computer-controlled teams. This wasn`t fair, but it did help the computer teams stay competitive. The default settings are still the same; but now they can be edited. These options haven`t been tested much. I expect the computer AI won`t respond perfectly to different buyout prices. So let me know what problems you find.11) The ability to turn off the Amateur Draft completely has been added. Just uncheck BOTH "Amateur Draft" boxes in the Options Dialog (on the Tools Menu).12) The occasional ridiculous April extension (by computer-controlled teams) have been fixed. For example, if Youkilis batted .420 in April, it was possible the Red Sox might give him an extension with a $30 million salary.

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