Gem Sword: Unlimited

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-07-12
Windows 7, XP
No special requirements

Description - Gem Sword: Unlimited

EditBy: The Gem Sword Unlimited Edition was developed by Storm Blade Games. This unique pack has 5 full length 2D RPG`s with a combined total of over 100 hours of gameplay.-Gem Sword-Gem Sword: The Dark Quest-Gem Sword: Elyon`s Retribution-Gem Sword: Elder`s Tree-Dark StoneThese games are available for FREE. Please note that these games are no longer supported or being actively developed. These games are being distributed as is. They were made a long time ago by inexperienced developers. Keep that in mind :).In regards to the retail cd Box. The box comes with two discs. One is the original disc produced by Storm Blade Games. The label is in grayscale with a gold tinge to it. This disc contains 3/5 games in the GSUE pack. The cd contained an autoupdater that used "" to download the rest of the games. Due to SBG(.com) no longer being active, we (Norwind Interactive) have created a second disc. This disc is the same design as the original, but in full color - and containing the latest build of all the games. It will be the very same setup file as the one you can download on this site.You can request a free retail box if you are interested! No shipping charges or silly fees!

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