3D Nine Hole Golf for Android

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-07-15

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Description - 3D Nine Hole Golf for Android

3D Nine Hole Golf - Full Swing of Mobile Fun!Provided by OmniG Software Inc., Game Engine Powered by OmniGraphics.Support Windows Mobile 5.0.Support Square and Landscape Screen Display.The Best Ever Mobile 3D Graphics.Real-time scene rendering and sophisticated 3D camera chasing view with particle effects allow you to easily track The Ball’s flying trail.Incredibly Realistic Physics and Dynamics Simulation.Realistic ball physics that reflect the player`s stroke choice, terrain, wind direction and intensity, and green conditions. Choose from Four typical clubs and five Swings to get the best result. Challenge factors such as bunkers, water hazards, adjustable Wind effects and Traction which varies from green to rough and sand make the game realistic and fun to play.Rich and Highly Detailed Playing Environment.Play three luxurious golf courses, each with a distinct landscape and climate for a total of 27 holes. Six vividly animated 3D characters with realistic actions and distinctive expressions. Moving Clouds and wind sensitive animated flags.Flexible, Easy-To-Learn Game Control and Addictive Game Playing.The game provides both Hardware Buttons and Stylus controls, Overhead maps and Target inspection, Automatic Aim at Hole capability, detailed information display on playing panel, automatic scorecard and 8 Slots for saving and loading games.

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