Super Fishing for Android

Version: 1.3
Date: 2013-07-15

AFTD Games Team
For Android 1.5 or higher

Description - Super Fishing for Android

EditBy: Touch any part of the screen to move your boat left or right,the boat will automatically move towards your touch position.WATCH OUT!!!!A FISHERMAN IS FISHING IN DANGER OF BEING STRUCK BY LIGHTING!HE IS TAKING THE RISK OF BEING BURNT TO SKULL!It`s a story about the old man and the sea.He`s fishing in his boat,if he moves too close to the Cloud hanging over him,he is likely to be struck by lightning,also,there are junks in the river,e.g. unused underpants,steel wire.Different fish are with different bonus,some with higher scores while somre less.However,if the man catches junk by accident,he loses scores,and lose more scores if the junk is a bigger one.Same rules apply to fish,bigger fish are with higher scores.tags:fishing games,fish game,fishing game,fishing games free,fishing to goHOW TO PLAYTouch the screen to move your boat left or right. And hold to drop your fishing line and haul in as many fish as you can before time expires. You gain more time by hauling in fish. You lose time for hauling in trash or being hit by lightning.Note:if you enable G Sensor,you can move the boat left or right with accelerometer when screen is not touched.Boat will move towards your touch postion regardless of G Sensor status when you touch the screen and hold.You can toggle the G Sensor status by tapping the SENSOR button on top-right screen.G Sensor only works when it`s enabled and no fingers touch the screen.

Super Fishing for Android Games Boat Left Game FishingSuper Fishing for Android Games Boat Left Game FishingSuper Fishing for Android Games Boat Left Game Fishing

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Sensor Status Boat Left Towards Your Touch