Solitaire for iPhone

Version: 3.2
Date: 2013-07-17

For iOS 3.0 or higher

Description - Solitaire for iPhone

Play the classic game you LOVE all by yourself or you can also compete against other players in real-time. Our Solitaire can deal the same hand to multiple players so they can compete against each other at the same time. You can have your choice of challenging your friends or be matched up against a completely random player. Exciting!As one of our users proudly states, "I never thought I`d say Solitaire makes for a fun social game, but the latest version is pretty impressive and knowing that I`m competing against others has changed the motivation to play completely."Haven`t won a deal in a while? Winning Deals are now available. You can configure the game so that we deal you hands that are guaranteed to have at least one winning solution. Still can`t figure out how to win? The "Show Me How To Win" feature is there to help walk you through the moves required to win the deal.Think you have the best Solitaire score around? With Apple`s Game Center enabled, you can check the Game Center leaderboards to see how your Solitaire skills Stack Up against players all around the world!Honored by Apple in their 2010 Rewind List, MobilityWare`s Solitaire supports drag-and-drop and Tap-To-Move card movements, both portrait and landscape modes, and your game is saved when you get a call or other interruption - features not all iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps support.This is a universal app, playable in the best resolution available for each Apple device.FEATURES:-Multiplayer Solitaire-Winning Deals-Show Me How To Win-Game Center leaderboards-Klondike-Draw 1 card-Draw 3 cards-Portrait-Landscape-Custom card backs-Custom backgrounds-Achievements-Right or left handed play-Game state saved when interrupted-Unlimited undo-Auto complete to finish game-Standard scoring-Vegas scoring-Statistics

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