Backbreaker 2: Vengeance for iPhone

Version: 1.3.0
Date: 2013-07-17

For iOS 2.2.1 or higher

Description - Backbreaker 2: Vengeance for iPhone

The million-selling Backbreaker Football is back with a vengeance - and this time YOU tackle! Backbreaker 2 again raises the bar for graphics, physical animation and pure fun. You spoke, we listened: tackling, trucking, jumping – it’s all here! Take down The Ball carrier in Vengeance Mode, or fight your way to the endzone in the classic Tackle Alley mode. Whatever you do - this is the best Backbreaker yet, so enjoy the ride!ALL-NEW VENGEANCE MODEThe all-new Vengeance Mode turns the tables: now YOU tackle! Can you take down that ball carrier?NEW MOVESAs well as the existing spin and juke moves, you can now jump and truck. It’s a whole new game!NEW, ENHANCED SHOWBOATINGReally rub your opponents’ noses in it with new multi-touch super showboat! You’ll bag more points, but your player will slow down. What will you risk?NEW ON-FIELD OBSTACLESIt’s not going to be easy to get into the endzone. Obstacles and obstructions, such as hurdles and truck gates, are there to make your life that Little bit more... challenging.NEW TACKLE ALLEY WAVESFans of the classic action of the original game won’t be disappointed. Get ready for 100 new waves spread across Tackle Alley and Vengeance mode… this time with a few extra twists!NEW STADIUMSTwo all-new stadiums have been added, including – for the first time – the breathtaking day-time San Francisco stadium from Backbreaker on Xbox 360 & PlayStation3.STUNNING GRAPHICS UPDATESBackbreaker 2: Vengeance features console-quality lighting and full Retina display resolution. And just like the original Backbreaker Football, the action is powered by NaturalMotion’s Morpheme and Endorphin animation technologies – now even smoother and more physical!GAME CENTER INTEGRATIONBackbreaker 2 is fully Game Center enabled, for comprehensive leaderboards and direct friend comparisons. Go Beat their score!

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance for iPhone Games Tackle AlleyBackbreaker 2: Vengeance for iPhone Games Tackle AlleyBackbreaker 2: Vengeance for iPhone Games Tackle Alley

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