Victory: The Age of Racing

Version: 0.09.395
Date: 2013-07-30
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Victory: The Age of Racing

EditBy: Victory: The Age of Racing is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game published by and created by VaeVictis.The year is 2062; 50 years have passed since the Great Devastation, when the world was changed forever.Following the global economic collapse of 2012, humanity was reduced to pockets of survivors committed to living a simpler life than what they had seen in the ages of Industry and Information. Since the Great Devastation of 2012, the survivors have worked tirelessly to rebuild a utopian society. Much of the infrastructure from the old world remained intact, providing vast stretches of open road which people quickly became accustomed to racing on.It wasn’t too long ago that the Racing Authority was established as a governing body for all racing. Now, the Racing Authority travels the world, preparing tracks and organizing tournaments wherever they can. Today, society has rebuilt itself around this passion – We Live to race. The world has awoken to a simpler time – now, there are no destinations, only journeys. This is the Age of Racing. Prepare for Victory!Fun and Easy Multiplayer:With an innovative multiplayer mode, Victory is based on quick competitions giving experience points to increase the cars characteristics and aesthetic appeal.Advanced Car Physics:Victory`s car physics engine is derived from the full-featured Net Kar Pro physics engine. Victory uniquely blends a realistic and detailed car physics simulation to deliver an unprecedented car handling racing game.In-Depth Car Customization:Victory`s car customization system starts with an innovative blocks system that provides players with different car parts to choose from to Create a unique car model. Endless combinations allow players to choose the car’s features and looks they truly value.Virtual Items Market:An integrated virtual items market means easy to buy items and a large selection of options that you can test on your actual car in real time.

Victory: The Age of Racing Games Items Market Virtual ItemsVictory: The Age of Racing Games Items Market Virtual ItemsVictory: The Age of Racing Games Items Market Virtual Items

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