FB Alpha

Date: 2013-08-13
Team FB Alpha
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - FB Alpha

v0.2.97.13This version features what is effectively a new NeoGeo driver. The emulation should be at least as good as before, but now with added support for MVS Multislot and NeoGeo CD. The NeoGeo CD support is preliminary at this stage, compatibility is pretty good, but some games don`t work currently. NeoGeo Updates Added support for NeoGeo MVS multi-slot emulation and NeoGeo CDZ [Barry, heavily based on some old code from Jan_Klaassen] Changed the ISO+MP3 CD Interface module to ISO+WAV [Captain CPS-X] Added some demo roms to the NeoGeo driver [Barry] Added support for the prototype sprite roms to the NeoGeo driver [Barry] Fixed text layer tiles in kof10th [iq_132] Added a hack to the sprite routines for Samurai Shodown RPG text boxes [iq_132] Added prototype of Alpha Mission II to the NeoGeo driver [Barry] Added prototype of Burning Fight to the NeoGeo driver [Barry] Added prototype of King of the Monsters 2 to the NeoGeo driver [Barry, JacKc] Fixed "most recent games" list when using NeoGeo multi-slot [Barry] Added a module to identify NeoGeo CD games [Captain CPS-X] Ported H6280 CPU Core from MAME [iq_132] Added module to support Vector Games [iq_132] Added driver for Aztarac [iq_132] Hooked up analog joystick and dial in Aztarac driver [Barry] Added driver for games on Data East DECO16 hardware [iq_132] Added clone of Guwange to the Cave driver [Barry] Added alternate bootleg of Street Fighter II - champion edition Accelerator! to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc] Added two Clones of Battle Shark to the Taito-Z driver [Barry] Updated all source code with checks for memory used before freeing and NULLing all allocated memory after freeing [Barry] Optimised the Irem GA20 sound core [iq_132]and more...

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