Ran Online

Date: 2013-09-30
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Ran Online

Campus Battle Action BackgroundRan Online is Martial Art Action RPG based on real lifelike environment. The featured props, items, environments in this game are based on actual measurements to Create the feeling of virtual realityVarious Avatar StylesThere are three different campuses in this game, and each campus has their own unique uniforms and outfits for each different level. You can buy the special uniforms and outfits through your quests depend on your type of class. There are more than a hundred different types of clothing items are available in this game.Multiple MissionsPlayers can be experienced over hundreds of different missions. Accomplishing these missions will bring you items, weapon, and money for players to customize the levels of characters status. Also the missions will help the players to understand the general game play.Separated Chatting SystemThe users basically can chat in 6 different ways, such as All, whisper (Private Message Chat), Party, Club (Guild), League, and to System. This chatting system can be very useful and allowing players to easily talk in public to make new friends, or privately chat with your friends. Duel, PVP ModeThe PVP mode is a fundamental feature of this game. However both players must be agreed to fight before the PVP mod in action. The PVP will not affect the development of your characters.Reach To The Top levelYou can reach to the highest level of 210. Try to make your character more powerful, and invincible Weapons and upgradingPolish Potions can be used to increase the attack and defense power of equipment. However result of your attack can be vary depend on maintenance of your weapon.Personal TradingEach Player can trade their items at anytime. The game is designed for players to sell their equipment while they are training and building their characters.

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