GOOFY Soccer Demo

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-08-01
Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT
PIII 500, 3D Accelerated Video Card, OpenGL, DirectX 5.0

Description - GOOFY Soccer Demo

GOOFY Soccer is a new style 3D sports game with its funny toon characters and its special gameplay. The gameplay is designed to give you total control on The Ball when dribbling, passing and shooting. Having Little mastery on the gameplay will give you the feeling that you are a creative playmaker since you can all set the direction, curve, height and power of your passes. Also the game supports ordinary computer assisted mode for beginners. GOOFY Soccer probably gives you the best gameplay among soccer games. The game is easy to play, but the harder levels can only be beaten with your intelligence. GOOFY Soccer is either played against the computer or as two players. Besides the gameplay, GOOFY Soccer has an extendible database of players and leagues. User-made databases are growing everyday that are freely shared on with the "computer help on" mode as a beginner... Have little mastery and skip to "computer help off" mode! Direct your team with the specially designed gameplay of GOOFY Soccer and adore your playmaking skills. Now it`s time to get the best soccer game that can reflect your creativity.Choose your team and league from the wide databases freely distributed at or Create your own league. Take the first match day! Kickoff! Get the ball, pass it towards the wings, return back to midfield, have your opponent put some pressure, recede a little and once you see unmarked players, suddenly step forward, be creative and quick, run towards the goal, give your clever pass to your striker, maximize The Power and shoot! Struggle to win the extremely fast match and become the champion.

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