Greyhound Manager

Version: 1.041
Date: 2013-07-28
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Greyhound Manager

Greyhound Manager is the new PC greyhound racing management game from Strategic Designs Ltd. Based on UK greyhound racing, Greyhound Manager is A fast paced greyhound racing game for from one to four players. Own, train, race and bet on dogs while maintaining a successfull racing kennel. Exciting races unfold realistically with greyhounds getting blocked and bumped just like the real thing! Hurdle races and handicap races are also simulated making Greyhound Manager the top dog racing sim for fans and casual race goers alike! Game Features:* Own, train, breed and race your own greyhounds.* Realistic racing with bumped, impeded and blocked dogs. A first for a greyhound racing game!* Realistic race calendar and feature races with heats, semi`s and finals!* Dynamic never ending game world. Play season after season.* Accurate races including graded races, trials, handicaps and hurdle races.* Thousands of greyhounds.* 28 UK greyhound circuits.* Over 100 computer controlled trainers to compete against.* Detailed racecards. Just like the real thing.* Full integrated help for every screen means anyone can play!* Accurate betting with realistic and changing odds.* Export your greyhounds and compete against other trainers greyhounds.* Designed and created by Mark Loveday (the creator of the acclaimed horse racing series `Starters Orders`).

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