Star Cluster

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-07-03
Strategy Games
Truwitz, Inc.
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
300mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 60 MB HDD

Description - Star Cluster

Game of classic turn-based science fiction conquest that pits two rival factions against each other for control of the Star Cluster. Krym`s Star - A Colony built by corporations with the sole purpose of turning a profit. Pursues the control of all valuable resources, including the rare herb found in the Misgoo System.Black Sun - A colony built by great scientific minds for the purpose of expanding mankind`s knowledge. Desires the rights to the rare herb found in the Misgoo System for scientific and medical applications. Star Cluster offers a single player mode vs. AI and a thrilling two player struggle over the internet or LAN.Features:-Research over 185 technologies including laser rifles, plasma cannons, and super battleship hulls -Design Infantry units, armor units, and starships using your latest technologies -Detailed ground combat system that brings training, experience, commander skill, unit type, weapon type, and planet type into consideration. -Units gain experience over time -Command thousands of infantry and armor units -Command massive fleets of starships -Train your infantry to fight on any of 10 different terrains including mountains, jungle, desert, and Inferno. -Wage war over each of the 30 solar systems and 150 planets of the Star Cluster -Choose from 3 difficulty levels in the single player game. Flexible AI ensures that you never play the same game twice -Fully customizable message/summary system -Unique convoy and planet resource system -Assign Admirals and Generals to command fleets, planets, and ground units -Build and Upgrade industrial & training complexes, mines, farms, and research facilities. -Colonize planets to expand your territory -Microsoft DirectPlay multiplayer over the internet or LAN -Multiplayer chat messaging -Visual and Audible chat notification


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