2 Power

Version: 1.11
Date: 2013-08-16
MG Software
Windows 98, ME, 2000
No special requirements

Description - 2 Power

EditBy: From MG Software, 2 Power is a pure strategy Logic game with beautiful Ray-traced graphics, simple to play but very challenging and a lot of fun. The playing field is filled with colored blocks. The object of the game is to remove blocks from the playing field in a way that maximizes your score. Selectively remove blocks and set yourself up to remove as large a group as possible. The larger the group the more points you get. For every block in the group, the score doubles - The Power of 2 !! Try to end up with the fewest number of blocks at the end of the game and earn lots of bonus points. Choose the blocks you like, from simple solid colored blocks to ray-traced marble and granite blocks.TOP-10 scores are recorded for all difficulty levels. SoundBlaster support for music and sound effects.The $8 registration fee gets you the unlocking key that entitles you to free Win 95/98/nt upgrades from /www.mgsoft.comNeeds: Pentium or 80486, 256+ colors, 1.3 Meg on hard drive. Ray-traced blocks look best with high-color or true-color.FREE UPGRADES with registration from http://www.mgsoft.com.ONLINE ORDERING at http://www.mgsoft.com/online.htm.

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