Abashera revamped

Version: 2.01
Date: 2013-07-25
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
450 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 3D card recommended. Graphics card with full OpenGL support.

Description - Abashera revamped

: Abashera revamped is a 3D first person IQ maze game. There are no guns, no weapons, no tedious bosses. You must rely on your intelligence to survive. There`s no linear plot, you choose from session to session which mazes you shall explore. The missions vary: Kill all beasts, kill no beasts, find the Holy Grail or find the Ark of the Covenant, pick a certain number of diamonds, mushrooms, flowers, strawgoats or eggs, etc. The mazes are populated with a number of more or less smart critters such as: Commie Dogs and Capitalist Dogs, The One Who Sees, Blocker Frogs, Monobites, the deadly The One Who Hears and many more. You will have to be a real Theseus, study the Monster`s behaviour in order to outsmart them and survive.The in-game music is popcornish electro pop MP3 music. Four full length tracks are included, one with lyrics. New stuff in the heavily updated revamped version:Volcanos - Shooting out burning lava which cools down and turns into diamonds you can collect. The Skyewyrm - A rather peaceful dragon / serpent roaming the sky, catch it for a ride! Movable objects - Push around blocks and roll giant stone balls, either to stack and climb or to flatten some unfortunate beastie! New missions - Find the Holy Grail, find the Ark of the Covenant! More music - ...and new sounds! New gew-gaws - Fractal ground and vegetation, 3D textures, moving Clouds and much more! Fancier beasties - Strange birds high in the sky, Rosies got tails!

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