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Version: 1.8
Date: 2013-11-19
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Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, CE
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You start your adventure at the Shuttle landing site, at a bustling OutPost. Every new colonist begins here. The only equipment you have with you at start is your trusted standardized orange colonist outfit, some underwear and shoes. Any other equipment you might want have to be acquired elsewhere. The avatar you have designed will represent you in the virtual universe of Project Entropia. You choose the sex, looks and names of this avatar which may have nothing to do with your real life person or may be your splitting image. The virtual currency in in the game has a fixed exchange rate whgich is 10 Game Dollars = 1 US Dollar and your money can be transferred abck and forth Between the game and your real world bank account at any time. Alien big-game hunting is a big part of the game. All hunting is done in real time and weapons and armour can be obtained by a veriety of methods, not the least of which is the payments you receive in return for killing some of the animals. If hunting doesn`t float your boat then what about mining or manufacturing weapons or clothing or body armour? Once you have chosen a career it doesn`t exclude you from doing the other activities, you simply won`t develop your skills as quickly if you don`t do something regularly. Once you have made enough money (and if you can bear to keep it in the game) you will be able to buy or earn land and property, set up shops or simply charge tax on all activity on your land and let everyone else earn your money for you. There is no doubt that this game is a massive success, with many thousands of new players signing up for it each month, but just like the real world there are plenty of ways for you to waste or lose your money. This guide, written by an experienced veteran of the game who has made a large amount of money and is still playing, will show you the way to find wealth and avoid the pitfalls while having an absolute ball.

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