3D CEdice

Version: 1.10
Date: 2013-08-20
RU0 Games
Windows CE
No special requirements

Description - 3D CEdice

The purpose of the game is to sweep all dices away of the board. Play 3D CEdiCE and you will be totally addicted! With four beautiful designs, difficulty increases level after level so that you never get tired of it. 3D CEdiCE has two kinds of levels: horizontal and vertical ones. It has got 250 levels right now, although we are working to increase this number so that your fun never ends. Have a try and see for yourself! 3D CEdiCE features: * 250 levels (up to 2000 levels throught future expansions) * No need to finish all the levels to play expansions. * Horizontal and Vertical levels (2 games in one) * Continue from the last reached level to avoid repeating levels. * Record table and global record table (for time, score and moves). * You can easily submit your records from the device (needs internet access in your pocket PC) * Automatic level upgrades from server when available (needs internet access in your pocket PC) * Control using stylus or keypad. * Built in tutorial. * Support for ARM and XScale Pocket PCs. * Adjustable cameras. * 4 dice designs. * 3 difficulty levels (time based). * 450 KBs on device ONLY!
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