Absolute Patience

Version: 5.3 US
Date: 2013-11-26
Windows 98, ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP
200Mhz processor, 32Mb RAM, Sound Device

Description - Absolute Patience

A superb collection of 430 solitaire Card Games. Includes many Famous classics like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Yukon, Gaps, and many original games. Most games come with optional rules for a grand total of 650 variants.Photo-realistic custom card graphics in 3 sizes (from medium to extra large) to best accomodate any screen resolution. Cards, piles, and the playing area are fully customizable.High quality sounds, each dedicated to all available actions in the game. Multi-levels unlimited undos and the possibility to snap shot a given situation during play in order to restore it later if needed. A performant analyser, the Wise Man, that will help you to determine if the running game can be completed to conclusion or not (it could even move the cards for you). Really entertaining scoring system because you compete against the clock, best scores being a matter of success but also a matter of speed. Detailed statistics stored on disk for each game played.You`ll be amazed by this game even if you have tried many other solitaire games !

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