Dry Gulch (colour)

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-12-07
Palm OS
Palm 3.5 or greater and 644KB of RAM

Description - Dry Gulch (colour)

EditBy: Take the role of Tom McAllister, a former Pinkerton agent, in this adventure game set in the Old West. One day you receive an odd parcel from your brother with a letter that simply reads: "In trouble, get out to Dry Gulch as fast as ya can. - Sam." Now Sam usually is the sort of bloke who says things simple-like, but you do wish he included a Little more information. Nevertheless, inside the parcel are a map and a train ticket, which should come in handy if you manage to even find this place. After taking the one train that goes anywhere near Dry Gulch, you finally arrive, and discover a run-down mining town with little in the way of amenities. Visit the local saloon, interact with townsfolk, and look for clues, as you investigate a mystery while trying to stay alive yourself - and don`t forget to bring along your six-shooter! Navigate through game options, as you solve inventory and character based puzzles. This interactive story features a mix of text and photo-realistic graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and sound effects.

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