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Version: 5.14
Date: 2013-11-28
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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Practice music flashcards on your computer in the treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs. Practice using an on screen piano keyboard, guitar fret board, note letter buttons or an external midi keyboard. Create up to 100 unique user profiles. Learn your strengths and weaknesses with detailed statistics. The Drillit Smart Tester tests missed notes. E-mail statistics to your teacher. Noteable is a music flashcards computer program designed to help music students of all levels memorize the Musical Notes.Noteable is free to try! The free demo is available for download from Then, if you wish to continue using Noteable, you will be asked to purchase the complete program for the cost of a single music lesson.For years music teachers have recommended paper flashcards to help students memorize the musical notes. Although limited, paper flashcards are a great method for memorization. Noteable takes everything musical flashcards have to offer and enhances it.This music flashcards system keeps Independent statistics, preferences, and deck settings for multiple users. Graph detailed statistics over the entire staff in multiple views. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Race the reaction time stoplight to improve reaction times. Enable the SmartTester to drill missed notes more often. A simple, sleek interface with deep flexibility of options, challenges all instruments and all skill levels (teachers included!).

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