Heroes of Redmarch: Goblin Bane (Palm)

Version: 1.4
Date: 2013-06-25
Palm OS
PalmOS 3.5 or greater and 329K of RAM

Description - Heroes of Redmarch: Goblin Bane (Palm)

In the latest review of this popular title Handheld Computing magazine wrote about Goblin Bane: "A strong concept and good writing make it the most entertaining inebook". From the creator of the long running "play by e-mail" game, Heroes of Redmarch, comes the first interactive short story set in this land of mystery and magic. Throughout Redmarch there are heroes and heroines of high renown who, chosen by fate, desire, or chance, make their mark on the world in the service of good, or evil. On the night of The Winter Solstice in the year 690 AC, when the snow lay thick on the ground blanketing Redmarch beneath a moonlit spread of white, fate came to the small village of Branholm and offered the mantle of greatness to Thomas Havelock. Can you guide him along the path to become the champion known as the Goblin Bane?

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