Croker for Smartphone

Version: 1.1
Date: 2013-07-24
Mobile Games
Windows CE
Windows Mobile 6 or higher, Windows Mobile Smartphone

Description - Croker for Smartphone

: Croker is another fun & addicting game by CrazySoft. It is based on the `Poker` idea twisted into a unique and completely new kind of gaming. Once you give it a try it will suck you in for sure!. Game Objective:You must make groups of cards:1) 2 pairs (2+2)2) 3 of the kind (3)3) Full house (3+2)4) 4 of the kind (4)These groups are made like in Poker. Once the groups are made the cards are replaced by new ones and points/life earned.. How to play:The are 5 cards open. Flip the cards you want to replace by clicking on them and on the button `Deal`. The more you flip the more life you lose. Once you life is over the game ends.. Hints:There are numbers on the cards. Keep the large ones because they score more. There is a bonus meter. It is divided into the 4 groups you can make. You get more life when the bonus meter rises. Raise it by keep making the same kind of groups. E.g: 2 pairs over and over. If a different group is done it will start from the beginning. When a card flicker, group it and get extra points. Bet Mania mode:This is a completely new kind of gaming. It is made for the bet lovers.The rules are very simple. A card with a number is shown. You bet a percentage of your points whether the next card number will be greater, smaller or equal. You can bet from 10% to 100% of your points. Whether the bet is simple or difficult you will be given a risk level and by it you will get more or less score & life.FEATURES: . QVGA, 240x320, 320x240 & 320x320 support!. Supported: 400x240 & 440x240.. Full support for Motorola Qh9. 16bit crystal clear graphics!. Full screen graphics!. Speed control . Export Hi-Scores to internet .

Croker for Smartphone Games Points Whether Bonus MeterCroker for Smartphone Games Points Whether Bonus MeterCroker for Smartphone Games Points Whether Bonus Meter

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