Imagine Poker for Mac

Version: 3.4.2
Date: 2013-07-29
Card & Board
Mac OS X
For Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher

Description - Imagine Poker for Mac

Play Texas Hold `Em Poker on your Mac or PC against 21 beautiful and unique characters that include Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Dracula, the Mona Lisa, Abraham Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes, the Tooth Fairy, Robin Hood, Blackbeard, Merlin, and 9 others! Even the Abominable Snowman traveled all the way from Kathmandu to participate in the Imagine Poker tournament!Configure your Texas Hold `Em game with any rules and settings you like and then enter a five round tournament where you must OutWit everyone to win! Imagine Poker features Candywriter`s acclaimed artificial intelligence module that is sure to challenge even poker professionals.Features. 21 iconic computer opponents with unique playing styles. Play Limit, Pot Limit, or No Limit Hold `Em. Choose your dealer Between Charlotte, Chae Rin, and Alistair. 6 different rooms to play in. Create your own custom game. Build your own character from any country in the world. Choose a character from history to represent you at the table. Save your game and continue later. Learn more about the real characters in the game with historical trivia. Change the style of deck as you like. Turn on speech commentary and listen to your favorite Mac voice dictate your game (Mac version only). Turn on or off poker table sound effects. Watch out for Dracula. You may face "stiffer" opposition when you play Imagine Poker late at night. Click on Poker GHOST to find out your mathematical odds at any time. Turn on a feature to always show the hand of the winning computer player after you have folded. Keyboard shortcuts to speed up play. Fast forward option to jump to the next hand after you fold. Choose your own difficulty setting.

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