Sudoku Pro for Pocket PC

Version: 2.0
Date: 2013-12-26
Mobirate Ltd
Windows CE
For Windows Mobile 2003 or higher

Description - Sudoku Pro for Pocket PC

: Develop you mental abilities on the journey to the world of Sudoku with this game.Solution technique guide, step-by-step hint, skins and more.Play thousands Logic solvable sudoku puzzles. Game built for logic training. Even easy puzzles will tend you to think, not just clicking and placing numbers.Step-by-step hint will always provide a clue for next step in solution if you are stuck. It will guide through the process of finding and applying some logic technique based on guide.Solution techniques guide contains the description of all logical techniques that can be used to solve Sudoku puzzles.Analyse option will show which logical tecniques are used to solve the puzzle.Filter mode will greatly help you to find some solution techniques.Features:# Step-by-step Hint based on guide# Real symmetrical sudoku puzzles# 4 puzzle difficulties# Solution techniques guide# Pencil modes# Filter mode# Snapshot/Restore option# Undo option# Sound and graphics skins# Create own puzzles (e.g. from newspapers)# Full statistics (min,max,avg) on puzzle times# Tips of the day# Analyse puzzle option# Automatic pencil marks

‚Äč Sudoku Pro for Pocket PC Games Sudoku PuzzlesSudoku Pro for Pocket PC Games Sudoku PuzzlesSudoku Pro for Pocket PC Games Sudoku Puzzles

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