Skinz Sudoku

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-11-21
Mini Games
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Skinz Sudoku

The game`s particularity is that it offers 4 different input methods for you to select from, to fit everyone`s needs... - Wheel : Select a number from the number wheel around the tile you touched. You can also set a hint by touching one of the corners... - Square : Same thing, but in a simplier/more compact layout... - Bar : Select first which number to plot, and then touch the Grid to put it anywhere... - Writing : In this mode, touch a tile to have it zoom, and just write down the number you want ! You can also add small numbers to help you at anytime, with every input method, using the top right button, or undo if you make an error... All the levels are randomly generated, so don`t expect to finish the game soon ! Help is also avaiable at any time, with a progressive help level (first see if your grid is correct, then which number would be easy to plot, and more help...) Features : - 4 different input methods, including handwriting recognition - Ability to put pencil marks on any slot - 4 difficulty levels, each with their own and unique skin - Game statics (best time, average, games played) per difficulty level - Ingame hints/help - Sudoku Solver - Award system depending on games finished, best times, and use of help - Each game can be saved at any time to finish it later on - Free upgrades - Sudoku generator for virtually unlimited games - Custom sudoku grid input, to enter grids from a magazine, etc...

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