Sudoku Dragon

Version: 3.4
Date: 2013-06-28
Mini Games
Sudoku Dragon
Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Sudoku Dragon

SudokuDragon solves and generates Sudoku puzzles. Type in and solve puzzles printed in newspapers or download them from the Web. The program gives hints and suggestions on how to solve a puzzle. Support for beginners and expert players is offered. You are provided with an unlimited undo and redo of square allocations for when you need to backtrack. Print out a sudoku puzzle for solving by hand. SudokuDragon supports ten different sizes of puzzles.The Sudoku Dragon has a great number of useful features to help puzzle solvers of all levels of experience. Use the program to generate brand new unique puzzles to solve from the billions of possible Sudoku puzzles. *Type in and solve puzzles printed in Newspapers and Magazines. *From within the solver download unique, daily Sudoku puzzles from our web site. *Gives a range of hints and suggestions on how to solve any puzzle. *Range of features to support beginners and expert players alike. *Full range of ten different puzzle sizes from the basic 4x4 Grid through the standard 9x9 and onto a real challenge with 16x16 and 20x20 puzzles. *Unlimited undo and redo of square allocations for when you make a Guess and need to backtrack - you don`t need to remember the order you allocated squares. *Range of five different difficulty levels from gentle through to very challenging - for each size of puzzle. *Highlights numbers that have only a few squares to be filled in. *Unique Sudoku Stripe option included in each puzzle. *Print out any sudoku puzzle for traditional solution using pencil and paper. *Download and solve the daily puzzle published on the web site every day. You can add your own notes and select your own tentative possibilities for each Sudoku square. Full in-built context help for all screens. Range of pre-defined display styles and facilities to choose your own look with colors and fonts. Supports easy check and installation of upgrades from the Internet, no need to search for

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