D-Chess: INetBlitz

Version: 2.1
Date: 2013-09-12
Card & Board
r. I. s.
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - D-Chess: INetBlitz

D-Chess: INetBlitz is a classic program that allows you to play chess against a computer or with another player over Internet, your local Intranet, or on the same computer. Using D-Chess: INetBlitz, you can simultaneously play with multiple opponents on individual boards, in which case D-Chess Agent comes handy to manage your games. At any time you can adjourn your network or local game and later resume it. You also have an option to convert a local game into a network game and vice versa. D-Chess: INetBlitz features an analog chess-clock with flags and buttons, which is easily switched with the key. Using chess-clock, you can play both blitz and Tournament games. D-Chess: INetBlitz brings you the feel of a true chess game, as if you are playing at a real chessboard. The friendly interface allows you simply to add new chess engines at the program. If you want to keep a full listing of your game and/or transfer it to other chess programs, D-Chess: INetBlitz allows you to export a game to the Portable Game Notation (PGN). D-Chess: INetBlitz complies with F.I.D.E. Laws of Chess. Beautiful graphics and animation, flexible sound schemes, convenient user interface, tips for beginners, help system and many other nice features will make your experience with D-Chess: INetBlitz fun and pleasure.You can download a fully functional copy of a program and try it playing locally for free. The Trial period is 30th days. Please, don`t forget to get trial NetKey for activating network features. Have a great time playing D-Chess: INetBlitz!

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