Battle Sudoku

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-10-31
Mini Games
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Battle Sudoku

: Hello, everyone!Today is May 27, 2006. Now we open after almost one years of work. In this site, you can enjoy Sudoku competing with other SUDOKERs from all over the world.We server you with 2 modes of battling. First, you may choose [Free] mode.All the players share one sudoku board. What? Yes, upto 4 players (each one is given one`s own color, green, blue, pink and orange) share one sudoku board, and the first to fill an each empty cell gets it to add 10 points,coloring the cell with one`s own color.In addition, we prepared Bingo bonus system for this mode. When you fill cells of given types(such as POLE, SQUARE, Box, BAR, etc), you got additional Bonus, which is shown fully in [HOW TO PLAY]->[Step 6].So, you`d better consider the Bingos while solving to gaing high ponts.And you may also choose [Speed Challenge] mode. In this mode, players solve the same sudoku individually. When you have done all the empty cells, click [Answer]. If all the numbers you put are correct, you got [Perfect] bonus points (double the usual points). Or, you get penulty pointscorrespond to the numbers of incorrect cells. Yet you have another chanceto click [Answer].Register your ID and start the game. Before joining battle mode you are to solve 2 very easy games. And your level will advance from FARER to PEASANT level.Then you can join the battle in the BEGINNER`S ARENA.We wish to enjoy newly born BATTLE SUDOKU freely, which will be our great happiness. Please join and make friends with sudokers from all over the world.

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