The Oracle of Amon-Egyptian Tarot

Version: 6.0
Date: 2013-06-30
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - The Oracle of Amon-Egyptian Tarot

Editor: The Oracle of Amon - Egyptian Tarot is based on four historic premises: The legendary Book of Thoth reputed to record the history of the world in picture format and stored with the Ark of the Covenant; The visit of Alexander the Great to the world renown Oracle of Amon located at Oasis Siwa in 331 B.C.; The zodiac relief found in the roof of the Hathor Temple at Dendra and; The 26 major gods and godesses of ancient Egypt.The program has a traditional pull down menu, manual card selection withrelevant myths and stories, Reverse card images, several mp3 music titlesappropriate for the program, and uses MS Agent technology for human speech.MS Agent and speech engine are free downloads on site.There are Eleven popular spreads to use for reading the cards. These spreadsinclude the Star Spread, Celtic Cross, French Cross, Daily and WeeklyHoroscopes, Question / Answer Spread, Planetary Spread, Consequences Spread,three and nine card Past, Present, Future Spreads, and the Famous ZodiacSpread. It is also possible to select individual cards at random from thepull down menu. Cards may be printed on card stock to Create your personalEgyptian Tarot card deck.If you want an accurate, dynamic, interactive program with vertuallyunlimited card reading combinations, excellent graphics, and super musicby world renown artists, this program is a must have!

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