No One Shoots Forever

Version: 1.20
Date: 2013-07-09
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - No One Shoots Forever

No One Shoots Forever is a game where you must kill every South Park Boys before the time runs out. You also must be quick to reload your Gun when the bullets finishes, always having an Eagle Eye to discover the remaining enemies. NOSF is a very Funny Game! Try it and Shoot everything moves!!!Here you will find a very amusing game created by me to kill the daily stress that I accumulate during the day. This game has been coded using C++ and a Famous videogame library, called "Allegro". This library help you with the most boring processes like read mouse input or displayng screen output, offering userfriendly functions.The most part of the work, anyway, has been left at the programmer.I need to say that here there isn`t nothing already prepared by others.... it`s all code and Patience; and with this purpose I`ve hard worked , but now I can say that the game can run upon very old PCs too!!!The main target of the project was to understand and learn to use one of the best coding languages...C++ ! I hope to have reach this target! Not a miracolous results, ok, but I feel satisfied!If you are interested into a videoludic discuss or you want only try my game... feel free to contact me! Go now, Download and screenshots are waiting for you !!!

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