Overflow and Spillage addon

Version: 1.3b
Date: 2013-07-24
Binary People
Windows XP, 2000, 98
No special requirements

Description - Overflow and Spillage addon

In this unusual puzzle game your task is to rescue water pouring helplessly over the land. Without this water nothing will survive. You are equipped with SuperGOO under the control of your mouse. With this you can re-direct the flow of the water to safety. Each level is set against the clock and you have a limited amount of SuperGOO. Along the way you will face various obstacles like bombs, gates and hidden traps. 25 amazing and puzzling levels!So packed with high speed puzzles it`ll send you to a watery grave. Overflow complete with the Spillage add on, exclusive to Shareware.tv, is jam packed with watery fun. Watch as your last few drops of water pour uncontrollably into the abyss as you race to save your planet from arid misery. Well, it`s not uncontrollable but you are the only person how can avert disaster in this classic game.As the water falls you must race to Create a path and block any disasters to get the water to the Exit. At first glance this game looks like another Lemmings clone, but think again! All that`s stopping the water from falling to oblivious is your trusty SuperGoo[tm]. Use it wisely or you`ll come unstuck. The graphics and sound in Overflow have been skillfully crafted to add to the experience and there`s some really fiendish levels ahead of you as you race to save those last few drops.Is that not enough for you? If you manage to finish the default levels there`s the Spillage level pack add on included for FREE in this version, not to mention the free flow area where unlimited water falls constantly, allowing you to produce amazing waterfalls and hone your skills ready to take on the next level. Overall this is an amazing game and well worth adding to your collection. Buy a copy now and help to support Independent games developers.

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