Smiley's Challenge for Mac

Version: 2.0
Date: 2013-07-31
Mac OS X,Mac OS 9
No special requirements

Description - Smiley's Challenge for Mac

Editor: Class One Software, Educational Software for Lifelong Learning, announces the release of Smiley`s Challenge 2.0 for Windows and Macintosh computers. Smiley`s Challenge is a fun game for elementary aged students which also requires a bit of thought and planning. Can you find Smiley before the Badees get you? Can you click quickly enough to capture Smiley or lead him to home through a brick wall maze? This program includes three games:Find Smiley...Click on a 14x16 block Grid to find the hidden Smiley. Use The Green and red lights to help guide you. Watch out for the Badees!Capture Smiley...Click on the blocks to turn them into bricks. Build a wall to capture Smiley. The quicker you capture him, the more points you earn. Change the speed to make this game more challenging.aMAZE Smiley...Use the arrow keys to guide Smiley through a maze to home. The Badees will change locations every few moves. Good luck remembering where they are. For extra fun, Create your own maze.Smiley`s Challenge is offered free of charge for its use. Class One Software retains all rights to the software. See the included license for further details.

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