Version: 1.160-0
Date: 2013-07-31
Windows XP, 2000, 98
DirectX 8.1 or higher

Description - Guardian

Guardian features 30 Adrenaline filled missions that will Push you to your limit and beyond. Beautiful 2D, 3D, and parallax graphics will place you in three totally different worlds, and at times you will be facing well over a hundred simultaneous enemies. If mankind is to survive, you will need fast reflexes and nerves of steel. You will need to defend fleeing civilians, protect allied installations, wreak havok on enemy infrastructure, provide allied marines with close air support, and more. A huge arsenal of weapons will ensure you have the firepower to bring down the waves of enemy fighters but have you got the skill? FEATURES:# A huge arsenal of weapons - rail guns, lasers, particle cannons, sledgehammer missiles, Cluster bombs, nukes, and much more.# A unique blend of razor-sharp 2D, sophisticated 3D, and nostalgia-inducing parallax graphics.# Challenging mission types: protect, destroy, evacuate - you`ll do it all.# Three detailed and animated environments - space, ice, and fire.# 30 adrenaline-filled missions that will test your reflexes and your ability to prioritize numerous threats.# 4 difficulty levels will challenge everyone from arcade novice to master.# Incredible sound effects that will get your blood pumping.# Transparent load/save system lets you easily continue an earlier game.# Easily customize the musical soundtrack with your own MP3 files.# Joystick, keyboard, and mouse interfaces supported and remappable.# Publish your high scores to the Internet and see how you Stack Up.

Guardian Games Huge Arsenal Parallax GraphicsGuardian Games Huge Arsenal Parallax GraphicsGuardian Games Huge Arsenal Parallax Graphics

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