Chu Chu Rocket! for GBA

Date: 2013-08-08
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Chu Chu Rocket! for GBA

The object of the game is to guide one or more mice ("ChuChus") around a board into one or more goals while avoiding cats ("KapuKapus") roaming the board. The mice and cats all move in predictable paths by always turning right when hitting a wall head on or by following corners.ChuChu Rocket!`s multiplayer mode revolves around up to four players placing arrows on the level at once, trying to direct mice into their own rockets and cats into other players` rockets. Each player can only have three arrows on-screen at a time and cannot place them on other players` arrows or their own arrows. Although a simple concept, this quickly becomes frenetic with the relentless speed of the mice and four players fighting over them.While billed primarily as a multiplayer game, the single-player puzzle mode of ChuChu Rocket! had a strong online following. In this mode, players are presented with levels with mice and cats on it and are tasked with placing arrows in order to get all the mice into the rockets and keep all the cats out without further guidance after setting the level in motion. A level editor allows players to Create their own puzzle levels to share with others, and thousands of levels were uploaded to Sega`s online service during the game`s lifetime.A less-featured Stage Challenge mode challenges players to get mice into rockets, guide a cat to eat all the mice, put cats into a computer-guarded rocket, and other tasks, all within a specified time limit. One or two players can work together to solve the 25 available levels.

Chu Chu Rocket! for GBA Games Mice Into Cats IntoChu Chu Rocket! for GBA Games Mice Into Cats IntoChu Chu Rocket! for GBA Games Mice Into Cats Into

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