Gift(no numbers limit)

Version: 6.5
Date: 2013-09-12
Windows 2003, XP, 2000
No special requirements

Description - Gift(no numbers limit)

The Gift software is a fexcellent professional tool for prize draws with topping performance, florid effect and steady running. It can be used in various celebrations, soirees or sales promotions.1. Use the advanced randomization technique to generate the average distributing number, and the result is fair-and-square.2. The Gift can recognize alphabetic character besides the number (This function is supported by the rolling symbol file you selected).3. The Gift can support thousands upon thousands numbers with no slowness.4. A winning numbers will be not generated anymore in a prize draw process.5. The Gift can deal with the simple or complex prize draw process easily, because the Gift is designed according to the actual prize draw process and the prize level is the min setting unit.6. The number shown on the screen is auto calculated by the Gift according to the bit amount of the attendee`s number.7. The interface and the prize draw style may be different from another prize level.8. The numbers shown on the screen may be different from another prize level.9. The stop style may be a bit once time to enhance the atmosphere.10. The Gift may generate the winning numbers automatically.11. The background of the Gift may be a full screen Flash, and the effect is more flowery.12. The rolling symbol file is designed by Flash and may be changed at your pleasure.13. The bits of the rolling symbol may be different each other.14. The Gift may show a banner to hint the current prize level.15. The Gift may shield a special bit of the rolling symbol to protect the privacy of the winner.16. The Gift may pop up a bulletin board to show the winning numbers, and the style may be designed at your pleasure.17. The Gift may have different sound effect when rolling, draw out or pop up a bulletin board.18. The Gift may stop all the rolling numbers to a special number when start up.

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